Thoughts meander like wind inside a letterbox.
Post-op Day 4: Great wake up with just a little discomfort and not having constant pain. I can walk around better and better. With positive attitude and a strong heart, anything is possible. #ACL #ACLWarrior #ACLSurgery
#nowplaying Sponge Cola - Ultrablessed (album) HOLY SHIT I’M SO HAPPY TO LISTEN TO MY FAVORITE OPM BAND!!!!!!!!!!
Time to build this bad boy. #gundamwing
Yes, #GundamHeavyarms, Winter is Coming.
It’s League of Legends kind of night with my new (!!!) Gundam Heavyarms. #LoL #gundamwing #gundamheavyarms
XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero! It’s complete! So fucking awesome! Took me more than 4 hours but it’s worth it! #gundamwing #gundamwingzero #zerotypewing
Man, I love my badass Heckler & Koch shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a #H&K gun yet (airsoft or real steel), but I’m definitely planning to get an airsoft version of a #416 or its variant. #HecklerandKoch #airsoft
10:00 PM onwards is the best time to listen to this album. #nowplaying Capacities (album) Up dharma Down
Some people think traffic cameras suck so I guess someone did something about it.